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Once Upon a Unicorn


Each year the Pink Boots Society promotes a Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day on March 8th, Women’s Day, to help raise the profile of women’s roles in the beer industry.

Two Weeks Notice Brewing Company, a small brewery based in West Springfield, MA, participated in this great event by inviting some of their closest ladies to take part in brewing a special batch of brew.


In honor of Women’s Day and in the spirit of the event, I was asked to design a special can label. One of the co-owners, Meghan, absolutely loves unicorns, and the overall bad-assery of what this brew day meant for all of us. Her only request was to feature a unicorn - other than that I was free to do what I thought would be equally bad ass.

TWN Once Upon A Unicorn Canning_0009.jpg

The end result is a custom illustrated, sassy lady unicorn, arched eyebrows and all. She absolutely loved the label, and after participating in the brew day myself I was able to help when the time came to label and can this special batch. Not only was it surreal getting to can a beer I helped to brew, but getting to taste it was even better (and oh, was it tasty!)

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