Walton Read
Branding & Design Services
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Ahearn Funeral Home


Based in Northampton, MA, Ahearn Funeral Home approached me in 2017 looking for a new identity.

Unlike other funeral homes in the area, this wasn’t a heritage company passed down through the generations - it was a solo operation opened by Mike Ahearn in 2005. With a commitment to empathy and transparency for his clients, it was important to him that the brand be sleek and modern, yet warm and welcoming. He didn’t want the traditional “funeral home” look and feel, so I approached it a little differently.


I began by creating a hand drawn monogram to act as the centerpiece of the brand and paired the mark with a small cap serif. I worked closely with a local printer, Hadley Printing, to select the slate blue folders in a matte finish with a metallic silver letterpress for the mark. Paired with new letterhead and business cards, the result was a one of a kind stationery package - which was important for Mike considering this is what he leaves with each of his clients after their first meeting together.


Working with Holyoke-based company Dinn Trophy, we also created lapel pins of the “A” logomark. These are worn by Mike and his greeters during each service, letting those grieving know instantly who they can speak with should they need any assistance.

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 5.36.03 PM.png